Data Warehouse Data Architect

Company Name:
Bridge Technical Talent

The Data Architect is responsible for architecting, designing, and maintaining all company data environments and guiding a team in the design and development of the company product and client solutions. This includes gathering data requirements, developing the data architecture design, developing the logical data models, and implementing the physical data models. This
is hands on will and involved in day to day activities of building and executing specific tasks in the continued support of the data warehouse environment.

- Responsible for data strategy, architecture, and solution to fulfill the requirements; business needs, enterprise architecture, data warehousing, analytics, data volume, frequency needs, and long-term data growth.
- leadership and design of the elements required to structure the data, including databases (DB), file systems, and storage management; define/design of the data components for the solution;
- create the design and architecture of the database, based on business and user requirements; perform both logical and physical modeling of the DB as well as design the schema;
- maintain data model;
- maintain metadata and mappings for correlating information;
- develop extract, transform, and load (ETL) development plan and design;
- Provides technical leadership for data warehousing and business intelligence architecture, design and development;
- Develops and helps institute best practice, methodologies and standards with regard to Master Data, Meta Data, Data Quality, Data Governance, Data Structure, Data Architecture, and Data Security;
- Establish the cross-application/platform data and distribution standards (publish, consume, governance), and tuning strategies.
- Monitor industry trends, directions and new database software and hardware.
- Develop and present substantive technical data and database recommendations to senior and
- Develop strategies for data migrations, data recovery and data availability
- develop in conjunction with team actual database scripts, routines, and processes
- collaborate with Subject Matter Experts (SME), the team and other vendor teams.

8-10 years of experience in the field or related area.
Bachelor's degree in the field or related area.

- 6-8 years experience in lead architect of a large Data Warehouse effort
- 6-8 years experience in integrating multiple data sources into a data repository using Informatica and other ETL solutions
- 6-8 years experience in leading teams of database and data integration consultants and providing technical leadership
- 6-8 years experience in building large multi-dimensional schemas and optimizing database performance with Database Appliances such as Netezza
- At least 10 years experience using SQL, Oracle, and other database technologies
- Experience with big data concepts
- Experience with building analytic data warehouses

Will lead a team of 6 with a scaling to 12 within 18-24months
Management experience not necessary, but is preferred

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